I was doing a little organizing last evening and I discovered that I never shared this card on my blog. Since I’m always looking for creative things to share here, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show this creation, even if the color scheme doesn’t scream Autumn or Thanksgiving. This is actually a card that the Essex stamp club crew made late in the summer (when the color scheme doesn’t seem so strange). I wanted to show them this oldie-but-goodie technique that requires glossy cardstock.

I used this sketch as the basis for the card. I’ve used this sketch before, and I’m sure that I will use it again. The center panel just screams to me to use DSP or some other decorative multi-color paper to create the theme. My mind is already going to a Christmas card creation using this same layout. Stay tuned to see if I follow through…

To create the center panel on this summer-y card, you don’t need much in the way of supplies. You will need copy paper (or some other scrap without ink on it), wax paper, and an iron. I find it really fun to incorporate ordinary household supplies into my crafting. This technique is called “wax paper resist” and here is how you do it:

  • Cut a panel of glossy cardstock in the size that you need for your project
  • Tear off a piece of wax paper that is a bit larger than the glossy cardstock panel
  • Ball up the wax paper a few times so that you create lots of wrinkles in it
  • Carefully open the wax paper so that it doesn’t tear, smooth out, but don’t try to remove the creases
  • Put copy paper down on your ironing surface, then the glossy cardstock (face-up), then the wax paper, and finally a second piece of copy paper
  • Iron over the top with a hot iron (no steam)
  • Remove the layers to reveal your glossy cardstock that has blops of wax on it
  • Use a sponge or brayer to apply ink over the glossy cardstock; the ink will not stick where the wax is on the paper
  • Rub with a paper towel to remove any excess ink that may still be on the wax (there won’t be a lot)
  • You now have a unique panel to use in your project.

I hope that you’re inspired to give this technique a try. The ink colors that you use will change the effect every single time.

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