This post is different from my usual – I don’t have a project to share today, and I’m not announcing some new product or promotion from Stampin’ Up!. This time I need to communicate with you about a change that I’m making for my blog. Over the next few days I’ll be changing the mechanism that I use to send my blog posts to the email inbox of those who subscribe. A couple of months ago I received a notice from Google that they are changing the Feedburner service (the one I use) and they are removing the email subscription aspect. I’ve been thinking about options for this and weighing what to do and finally decided to simplify the email notification options. I confess that at first I was peeved because I’ve been using Feedburner since the very beginning of my blog. It’s been reliable and most importantly FREE. But this is the internet world, and the only thing that is guaranteed is that things will change. So after reviewing options, I decided to take this opportunity to simplify. Previously I offered two subscriptions – one for newsletters and one for my blog. This has definitely led to some confusion and this is a golden opportunity to fix that. So I will only have one subscription option – it shows on the right panel of my blog as “Get My Newsletter”.

What does this mean for you? The answer varies depending on what you’re subscribing to, here’s some details:

  • If you subscribe to my Newsletter, you don’t need to do anything
    • You can easily tell if you are subscribed to my newsletter because I sent a message today (June 29th) with a great tutorial and news about this blog change
    • You will see more emails coming through with the blog posts
  • If you subscribe to my Blog feed, but NOT my newsletter you can subscribe on my blog
    • There is now only 1 subscription option on my blog, so it is easy to sign up
    • You can tell that you aren’t subscribed to the newsletter because you didn’t receive the Tutorial email I sent today
  • If you are using another mechanism (an RSS feed enabler like BlogLovin’) to receive my posts, you won’t see a change and don’t need to do anything
    • Of course you are welcome to subscribe, and there are things that I send to my newsletter subscribers that aren’t on my blog (like the Tutorial I sent this morning)
  • For those who’ve subscribed to both my blog feed and Newsletter, you also don’t need to do anything
    • You’ll be able to tell because you’ll get this post and my Tutorial newsletter in your email
    • You won’t see information duplicated any more because I won’t be posting the same information on my blog and in my Newsletter
      • This will save me time, and hopefully will be more useful for you
    • There will be a very short time while I’m working out the kinks that the blog feed will go to both Newsletter and Feedburner subscribers
  • If you don’t subscribe to either, now is a great time to sign up to stay informed and receive creative ideas in your email inbox 😊

Thanks so much for reading through all of this – and I look forward to sharing ideas and other news with you easily and efficiently!