I can't get enough of 'em!

Our Make & Take kit at Leadership included lots of great things, including the awesome Blossom Builders kit from the Occasions Mini catalog.  (Hee hee – that rhymes… awesome blossom.)  But I digress…  We had the ingredients and instructions for 9 different projects.  I was in hog heaven!  I still need to assemble many of my projects, but I have everything that I need. In the back of the M&T room lots of samples were hung on these cute little "clotheslines".  These samples shown below were made by designers using the same materials we got in our M&T kit, but they used them to create their own projects.  This is a picture of a small sampling of cards that were hung featuring the Blossom Builders kit.  I just love the versatility of this kit, and how easy it is to create some beautiful projects in no time.  And those pink rhinestones are just da bomb!  You really should try the kit, but don't ponder it for too long; it's only available until the mini catalog runs out on April 30th.

by guest designers