This event has almost become a tradition – Bonus Days are here again! This sentence has me pondering… how long does something have to happen to qualify as a “tradition”? Surely Sale-A-Bration is a tradition because it has been happening for many years, decades even. And hosting my siblings for Christmas is a tradition (I don’t want to think about the implications of COVID-19 for this particular tradition). Oh well, the semantics don’t really matter, my brain went off on a tangent for a wee bit there.

Bonus Days is a wonderful opportunity to save some money – by spending some money. When you shop between July 1st and August 3rd this year, your $50 purchase will earn you a Bonus Days code for $5 that you can redeem when you shop in between August 4th and August 31st. A larger order can earn multiple Bonus Days codes; for every increment of $50 in merchandise (before shipping and tax) you will receive a code. When your order is submitted, you will receive an email with all of the codes that you have earned with that order. Don’t lose the email with the code(s) – I can’t get it back for you.

If you are shopping before July 15th, and your order is < $150, please consider using Host Code QPFHQ2MR when submitting your order. I use the rewards accumulated from the host code to purchase supplies for my business that I use for classes and for projects that I share online. If your order is >$150, please don’t use the code – I want you to receive the host rewards to add to your crafting goodies.