The fun background on this card does not feature a Stampin’ Up! product – it’s shocking, I know, but I didn’t totally go rogue. I created two batches of cards this Christmas season that feature a technique called “felted cardstock” that I learned about years ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to trying it yet. My husband and I were at the Christmas Loft a couple of weeks ago, and I found some gorgeous Christmas paper napkins. This cool technique uses the top-most layer of a decorative napkin to create a layer that feels almost felt-like. This card here uses a napkin that I purchased years ago when I first learned of the technique. I stashed napkins in the closet, and never gave it a try – until now. To finish the card I did use some Stampin’ Up! products to add the extra goodies to the front. Thankfully we have a couple of colors that coordinate wonderfully with all of the colors in the napkin, so I was able to make it all work together.

Here is how you can create the cool “felted cardstock” background (you can also find videos on YouTube):

  • Cut a piece of white cardstock in the size of your finished piece.
  • Separate the layers of your napkin so that the top-most layer is by itself. One of the napkins that I used was 2-ply, and the other was 3-ply, so keep that in mind when you try this.
  • Trim the napkin piece so that it is a bit larger than the white cardstock. If there is a specific scene or focal point that you want from the napkin, keep that in mind when cutting.
  • Collect several sheets of large copy paper or blank newsprint.
  • Cut a piece of plastic wrap (the cheaper the better) that is larger than the white cardstock.
  • On your ironing board, create the following layers from the bottom up:
    • large copy paper (or newsprint) sheet
    • white cardstock
    • plastic wrap, layer so it covers the white cardstock without any wrinkles
    • decorative napkin piece
    • large copy paper (or newsprint) sheet
  • Heat up your iron to the highest non-steam setting
  • Very slowly move your iron over the sandwich being careful to not touch the plastic wrap to the iron. This can take a minute or 2 to get it fully “glued” down. You can check to see how it is working by lifting the top paper, and easily resume ironing if it isn’t quite done yet. Thicker copy paper or layered newsprint can make this take longer, but it is important to protect your napkin.
  • Remove from outer papers when done and trim to the edges of the white cardstock

So, please feel free to save some special napkins and give this technique a try. There are some really gorgeous decorative napkins out there, and with a greeting or other interesting element you can create some stunning cards. Also, if you’re liking this mitten bundle, I encourage you to purchase quickly. This bundle is not among the products that will be carried forward from the Holiday catalog, so they will retire at the end of the month and you will not be able to purchase it any more.

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