I finally got around to showing the wonders of embossing paste to the South Burlington stamp club. I had been reluctant to delve into embossing paste because it takes a bit to dry, and we have limited time at a club meeting. To solve this, we started with the embossing paste and stamped elements for this card, then set that aside to work on the second card while the paste dried. We may have added a snack break in there, too – Janice brought some amazing brownies! After the interval, the paste was dry and ready to resume the first card and assemble their lovely creations.

There are several techniques that are possible with embossing paste. The group learned how to color the white paste to coordinate with the card. Each person colored their own blob of paste (on the silicone mat) with an ink refill and applied it to the cardstock using masks and palette knives. Another trick with embossing paste is to clean up as soon as you’re done because it dries like cement on your tools, so I cleaned the masks after each person. I’m considering offering a technique class exploring different ways to work with embossing paste. What do you think; is this something of interest to you?

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