This was the more complicated project that the Essex stamp club gals made at the September meeting. It actually wasn’t that hard at all, but to me “3D” projects are a bit trickier than cards. There’s always a bit more fiddling to get the edges lined up so that it comes together properly. I do have to say that the Mini Treat Bag does go together pretty easily, so it isn’t as angst ridden as some boxes or bags can be.

The members seemed to enjoy putting this together. Some of them opted to use the reverse side of the patterned paper so that they had some fun jack-o-lanterns instead of the polka dots that you see here on my sample. All of the stamped elements are using the Spooky Cat stamp set – it’s so much more than just a cat. One of the ladies got the heebies about the mouse (or is a rat) image, so she opted to leave that out. That’s the fun part of stamping, you always have the option to make the project your own and change up elements.

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