featuring the blossom builder kit but it feels like summer

It has been crazy warm here in Vermont this week.  We usually have a bunch of snow on the ground when Spring arrives, but with our mild winter there isn't any to be found, except in the mountains.  And starting over the weekend it has been super warm here; like warm days in June warm.  The forecast for today is for a high around 86º Fahrenheit; our average high in March is 40!  I much prefer warm weather over cold, but this is a little nuts, even for me.

Anyhow, all this warm weather has me thinking about flowers.  Trees are starting to bud, and spring flowers are starting to shoot up.  A friend of mine shared on Facebook the other day that her daffodils were already 8" tall.  Back in January I made this flowery card at the Leadership Conference in San Antonio.  The flowers come from the Blossom Builders kit from the Occasions Mini catalog.  I honestly thought that these would be the only flowers that I could enjoy until May, but I'm starting to wonder if we might be all prettied up here by Easter.