I gave out the catalogs to my stamp club gals recently, and they were super excited. One woman reminded me of the movie “The Jerk” when Steve Martin’s character was so excited when the phone books arrived exclaiming “the phone book is here, the phone book is here!”. I have to say that I find the new catalog way more exciting than the phone book (is that even a thing any more?), but the reference totally captures the excitement. I waited until the end of the club meetings because I knew it would be too distracting to hand them out first. And once the women had them, silence descended as they skimmed through – occasionally pointing out something that caught their eye. New catalog time is so much fun, contact me if you haven’t received one.

A quick note about the catalog transition – Stampin’ Up!’s online store is not available while they update the site for the new catalog, which takes several hours. They expect to have it up and available by 2 pm Eastern today (6/1). If you want to place an order today, I encourage you to wait a little bit after that time slot. Some years happen without a hitch, but sometimes the load of excited stampers on the site brings it down. I have found that if I wait a few hours, then I avoid all of that mess. I’ll be placing my order after I get home from work today, and I expect that it will go smoothly.

Happy new catalog day!