I’m pretty sure that I’ve never offered a class featuring masculine themed cards. I’ve had many conversations over the years with stampers that find it challenging to create cards for the dudes in their lives. I know that I tend to focus more on cards that are more feminine or gender-neutral. So I don’t have a lot of masculine cards in my stash. I’m not sure why it’s a struggle – is it because stampers tend to be women and we mostly send cards to female friends? Is it because we have a sense that our cards are more appreciated by women (I do think this is true for me)? Is it something else? Whatever the reason, it is handy to have a few cards on hand for brothers, husbands, sons, etc. This class will give you a few cards to send to the special dudes in your life. I hope you’ll join me!

I want to explain the title of the class. I’ve never seen The Big Lebowski, and I’m not sure that I ever will. However, this phrase has become quite the catch phrase in our culture and it seems like a great phrase for staying chill and getting through. I’ve done a bit of internet research on the meaning behind the phrase, and the general consensus is something like this: be like the Dude — tranquil, at peace and tolerant of others. Since I was thinking of a class for guys, it popped into my head. That sentiment is what I wish for all of the dudes in my life, so I decided to title my class that way.

Anyhow, here are the details for the class:

  • Date: Saturday July 22nd, 10am – noon
  • RSVP Date: July 19th
  • Location: First Congregational Church of Essex Junction
  • Description: Create 4 cards featuring He’s All That stamps and Let’s Go Fishing paper
  • You need: Adhesive, scissors and other favorite tools
  • Fee: $20, paid in advance
  • Class includes:
    • Prepared kits for all cards
    • Envelopes
    • An expert to guide you – me 😁