I just received the Triangles bundle and I’ve really been itching to give it a try. For this card I used one of the Stitched Triangles dies to create the pretty wide border on this card. Originally I was also going to stamp on each of the pieces, but I was worried that it would look too busy. For this card I really wanted the bright colors to be the star of the show.

I have to confess that one thing is bugging me with this card; I flipped the black strip with the triangles so that it starts on the left with purple instead of red. Now the colors don’t go in the standard progression of ROYGBV (I skipped Indigo), and it’s kinda messing with my head. Oh well, I still like the colors together and I’m happy with my first experiment with these dies. Triangles are a critical shape in quilt creations, so I’m sure that I will explore some quilt inspired looks. I can’t wait!

Apparently Slimline cards have become all the rage among card makers and I’ve been clueless that this was a “thing”. Thanks to this challenge I was inspired to give the format a try, and I can definitely say that it is a lot of fun! I’ve been doing a little exploring on Pinterest and I’ve found some amazing creations that have motivated me to try it some more. These cards are sized perfectly to go in #10 Business envelopes and not require special sized cardstock or extra postage. They aren’t a great size for mass production because you only get 1 card base out of a sheet of cardstock, with a 4″ x 8 1/2″ scrap leftover. Now I can certainly use that piece for other projects, but I don’t want a whole bunch of them. So… for me, this is a good design when creating a single card which is what I do mostly anyhow.

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