I hope that you’ve been enjoying my recent posts where I’ve been sharing the bits and pieces of this sampler. I’ve been seeing these show up in various stamping blogs and social media, and with a nudge from a stamping friend, I decided to give it a try. Each section is a small canvas for creativity and I enjoyed the process. One tip that my friend shared was to keep some of the pieces quick and simple. Not only does it make the project more do-able, it also is a good design strategy to give “visually restful” spots that help the fancier pieces stand out.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed taking this journey with me, and don’t forget that I will send you detailed instructions for the sampler for a $50 order in February. If you place an order online, it is important that you NOT do so as “no contact”. If you select that option, I can’t get the info needed to send you the instructions.

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