Stampin' Up! started a new-to-us promotion last Thursday and I just had to make sure that you know about it. They haven't ever offered this type of special before, so you really need to pay attention to the details. It isn't too complicated, so don't freak out. wink

Hopefully I can explain it in a way that makes sense:

  • For every increment of $50 in merchandise that you order in July you will receive a bonus code (via e-mail) for $5 that you can redeem on orders in August.
  • There is no upper limit on the amount of bonuses that you can earn (or redeem). If you order $55 in merchandise (before tax and shipping), then you will receive 1 bonus code. If you order $555 in merchandise then you will receive 11 bonus codes. You can also place multiple orders in July, and if the merchandise total for each order meets the $50 minimum amount, then you will receive bonus codes for each order.
  • The bonus code e-mails will be sent to you when your qualifying order is submitted. For on-line orders you will receive the e-mail shortly after you finalize your order. If I submit an order for you, the e-mail will be sent once I submit the order. I will let you know that I have submitted the order so that you can keep your eye out for the e-mail. When I'm placing an order for you I will need to have your current e-mail so that the message is sent to the right place.
  • SAVE THOSE BONUS CODE EMAILS – sorry for the all caps yelling, but you really have to be careful here. Stampin' Up! has alerted us that they will not be able to re-issue bonus codes if they are lost, so you need to keep track of those e-mails with the codes. To be extra cautious I suggest that you write down the codes you receive and set them aside in a safe space. I would hate for you to lose them if you decide to do some extra vigorous e-mail housekeeping.

So, if you have your eye on a pricier bundle (for instance), now is the time to order it so you can save some money on great products next month. It's a win-win; wonderful products and savings to boot!