tear & tape adhesiveThis amazing product came out in last year's "big" catalog, and I have found it to be truly amazing. As shown in the picture, you can see that it is good to use for the Mini Treat Bags that you can make with the Thinlits dies. This tape was introduced in the catalog as a replacement for the old Sticky Strip tape that we used to have. That adhesive was also really sticky, but those danged red liners would cling to your fingers like crazy. And – you had to cut the tape off the roll because the plastic liner was, well… plastic. I found my scissors getting all gummy (which is easily remedied with Goo Gone, but it's still a pain in the patoot).

Enter the lovely Tear & Tape Adhesive (and crafting angels wept). There is another brand of similar tape that is available (can't say the name), and I can say that our tape is just as good. I have used this tape for lots of different 3D items and they hold up wonderfully – no un-sticking happening here! The next best part – you can just tear it off from the roll and you don't get any more sticky scissors. And the backing liner is not anywhere near as static cling-y as the old red liner from the sticky strip. In the winter time here in VT, those little cling-ons would attach to your fingers and were a bear to get off. If you haven't tried this tape, I strongly encourage you to add some to your next order. You really won't regret it!