This doesn't happen very often – so if you have been considering placing an order this is the week to do it! You can e-mail me an order, or place one yourself on-line and you will enjoy the savings. And, if you're in Vermont, you will save a little bit on the sales tax, too, since tax is computed on the total of merchandise and shipping. Some other states do the same, but I don't know about which ones. laugh

Also, while you're at it, check out the Weekly Deals – perhaps one of those items is something that you've been considering for a while. Today (Monday) is the last day for the current deals and a new ones will start tomorrow. Right now the Magnetic Platform for the Big Shot is one of the deals, so I strongly encourage you to snap one of those up while the price is reduced 25%. And to go with the Platform, there are a few Framelits dies on the Deal list. The Magnetic Platform makes working with these dies a real dream!

You know what my favorite thing about free shipping is?  It's totally ok to be a flake – if you forget something that you wanted when you place your order, there is absolutely no extra cost for placing a separate order for the items you missed. This is the perfect deal when you are getting an order together in the morning BC (Before Coffee). Or – going back to my previous thought about the Weekly Deals – you could place an order today to get items that are currently in the deals and then place another order later in the week to get items that are in the new Weekly Deal list. No minimum shipping charge "penalty"! Woo Hoo!!!