Remember Col. Potter

My husband has been a huge fan of M*A*S*H since it came out decades ago.  And, I remember getting together with lots of my college dorm-mates to watch the tear jerking final episode of the show.  Yep, I'm dating myself.  Harry Morgan skillfully played Col. Potter who was frequently the voice of reason amidst the chaos. We were all very sad to hear that he has passed away, but we're happy that he brought us such memorable characters and that he had a long and full life.  Rest in peace Harry.

The patterned paper totally makes it!

This envelope book is a lovely keepsake for memories.  This masculine variety could be used as a memory book for a loved one who has passed away like Harry.  Or you can it use to capture thoughts and pictures from a specific event or time period.  I may use this one for memories and pictures of Boy Scouts, since my son is a hairs' breadth away from completing his Eagle Scout requirements.  Or perhaps memories of his Senior year in High School, or maybe Geocaching pictures and memories for my husband.  There are so many possibilities when you're the only female in the house.

Those fun tabbed sections pull out to show off your photos

I'm offering a class for this envelope book in January.  I have lots of options available, so you can create a baby brag book, a bright and sunny summer memories book, a vintage looking book and so much more.  Check out my class offerings to see the full list of the options that are available.  If you want to take this class, contact me and I'll get you on the list.  It will be soooo much fun!  And, you don't need lots of scrap book experience to be able to assemble this book, so it's a great way to take a try at paper crafting for something other than cards.  Cards are great and very useful, but sometimes it is fun to branch out.