I’m thinking of all of the students heading back to school right now, whether they are the littles, Grad Students, or anyone at stages in between. It is a very weird time for everything, but school is especially challenging. No matter how hard everyone tries, online education is not an equivalent to in-person. There are some students that really like the format, but unless the teacher is really gifted at online teaching, it is even less successful for the very self-directed students. I know that my son really disliked having his grad school classes move to online after Spring break; the classes weren’t anywhere near as engaging and it was really hard to connect and discuss meaningfully the topic du jour. But there are NO good answers right now, so I’m thinking and praying for everyone that is wrestling with the back-to-school challenges this year. Since education is the key to pursuing many dreams in life, I would offer this card to any student to wish them well as they embark on a new school year and take another step toward their dreams.

I’m getting my submission is quick this time around for the GDP challenge! The last two weeks I’ve tried to get a submission in, but left it until the last minute and didn’t meet the deadline. So, this week I’m getting in at the very beginning so there is no way that I can miss out!

I really like the technique that Kayla used on her inspiration card to use die cuts to create a textured background for her card. It is a great alternative to an embossing folder and it is a fun way to show off some interesting dies that we have in our stash.

Edited 7-Sept: I’m super-excited to share that my card was picked as one of the Special Mentions for this challenge – what a fantastic way to start the week!

I’m also submitting this card to the Just Add Ink challenge. My card doesn’t explicitly call out the recipient as a dude, but I think that the color scheme and images have a definite masculine feel. So, I’m adding this card to the collection of guy cards submitted to the challenge.

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