fall_shoebox_swapI created this card for the Stampin' Up! event that I attended almost a month ago. We had general swapping at the beginning, and then we tacked on a Shoebox Swap at the end. It had been ages since I participated in one of those, and I'm so glad that we had one because they are a blast!

I'm sure you're wondering what a Shoebox Swap is – let me attempt to explain. Each person that is participating designs a card, and then prepares the various materials needed for the other participants to each make the card. The reason we call it a Shoebox Swap is because you could bring the supplies needed in a shoebox to keep it all organized (although the shoebox is not mandatory). The other participants will then stamp and assemble the card themselves using the prepared materials. All of the participants get to have fun being crafty and get a bunch of cards to add to their stash. 

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