work_of_art_painters_tapeEarlier this summer I participated in an on-line "convention" that focused on the new catalog and different strategies for demonstrators. The people that provided the materials and set it all up did an absolutely amazing job reviewing different topics and they included "make & take" sessions as well. It just doesn't feel like a stamping related class unless you have an opportunity to get inky, too. One of the make & take sessions was focused on techniques (which are a favorite topic for me), and this care was one of the results. The technique here was to use painters tape to apply those swatches of ink that you see on the white panel. It is so easy to do, and I hadn't tried it before. I'll be looking for some more opportunities to use this technique coming up, as well as opportunities to teach it, too.

To do the technique, you need Classic ink and painters tape. You can use any width tape, and definitely experiment with what you have to see what you like for your project. All you do is tear off a piece of the tape, put the sticky side down on the ink pad and then put it on the art panel. Lift the tape off and voilà, you have a smudge of ink where you put the tape. I lifted the tape here and re-applied to another spot to create color variations. You can then re-ink the tape and re-apply; keep doing this until you have the look that you want. It is super easy, and the results can look quite artsy.

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