The Calendar page for November MDS Style

Visiting Greece is one of those things that has been on my "bucket list" for ages.  Ever since I studied Greek Mythology and read The Iliad in High School, I have been fascinated with Greece.  There are few places in the world that have such a concentration of history that spans such a HUGE period of time.  And, of course, all of the pictures that you see of the country show how breathtakingly beautiful it is.  Sadly for me, my husband is not at all interested in traveling to far places, especially those that don't have English as their primary language.  But, happily for me, he is a really supportive man, and he understood that I really wanted to go.  A little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to take my son to Europe before he was off on his own.  And I hatched a plan…  I asked my sister if she would be interested in traveling to Greece with me and Josh, and happily she was very excited at the idea.  And we made it happen!  She booked our air travel, and I booked the travels in Greece.  It all worked out wonderfully!  We were all interested in the same thing – seeing many ancient historical sites.  And, that we did!  We were actually quite exhausted by the time we were done our trip because we had to get up really, really early every day except one, for the whole trip.  My poor sister is so NOT an early morning person, but she was a real trooper about it.  And, I remember my son saying as we headed out one morning – "Time to see more rocks!"  And yep, we saw lots and lots of rocks!  I have to confess that they did start to kind of blend together after a few days.

November pageI haven't even begun to scrapbook all of the fantastic pictures that my sister and I took on our trip.  But I wanted to do something to capture the memories, and I decided to make a calendar for 2012 using My Digital Studio (MDS).  Stampin' Up! sent an update to MDS earlier this year that added in some great calendar functionality.  The software has always supported creating and printing calendars, but with the new template, it creates the grid and knows what dates are – you just specify the month and year for the page, and you're all set.  It is sooooo much easier than it was before.  For the top page I used one of the photo layout templates that comes with the software, dragged in the pictures that I wanted in each spot, added some text and background paper and voila! I was done.  For the lower page, I added a photo spot that was sized for the full page, dragged in another photo and set the opacity to a low number (I think 20%) so you could see it faintly in the background.  And then I added stamps (or brushes, in digital crafting parlance) into the appropriate spots in the grid.  For November, I marked the date where we'll set our clocks back in the US as well as Thanksgiving.  There are many stamps that come with MDS, and Stampin' Up! releases new downloads almost every week.  You can totally personalize your own calendar with your pictures, some text and stamps.

I hope you liked the sample that I showed of one of the calendar layouts in my creation.  I had a lot of fun putting it together, and I can't wait to get the printed copies to give as gifts this year.