starry_rainbowI have wanted to do a rainbow inspired card for ages, but I wasn't sure what colors to use. I have a husband who is pretty insistent that a rainbow has all of the proper colors – you know… he's a ROYGBIV adherent. One day when I was tootling around the interwebz looking at various cards for inspiration, I found this, which set me up with the colors. I did substitute our new-ish Cucumber Crush for the green though because I thought it looked a tiny bit better. When Brian created the card that inspired me, this nice vibrant green wasn't available in the color palette yet.

I drew on this sketch for my design of this card. I have to say that it is pretty interesting how my thoughts flow from one idea to another. I was originally going to use the sketch for a Christmas card, but somehow that transitioned over to this rainbow card that I finally created. I really don't know how I made the leap from Christmas to decidedly NOT Christmas for this sketch. I like how it all turned out, tho.

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