Scenes from Meteora Featuring Meteora

I've shared pages before from my 2012 calendar I created in My Digital Studio (MDS).  Each page of the calendar was actually quite easy to create.  I put down patterned paper first for the background, selected a photo layout template and added a title to the page.  The hardest part was picking the photos for the layout for the specific location for that page.  We had lots of great photos, so I had a hard time picking just a few.  The page with the actual calendar grid on it started with a full page-sized photo before I put on the calendar template.  I reduced the opacity of the picture so that it didn't compete with the calendar grid for clarity.  I used "digital stamps" in the calendar grid to denote special days, like the first day of Spring or St. Patrick's Day that you see in the picture below.

All of this is really easy to do with MDS, and I have fun experimenting with layout and design elements in the software.  For me, since I'm doing it all digitally, I'm much more willing to experiment because it won't matter if I don't like something I try.  It's very easy to "undo" a change, or the worst case is that you have to start over.  Even in the extreme scenario, all I have lost is time.  I haven't cut into paper that is limited in supply, I haven't mis-cropped a photo where I only have 1 copy and I haven't used the last wee bit of a certain color of ribbon.  It's so freeing!

The Meteora vista