sept_paper_pumpkin_completedI created these cute Halloween treat bags with the MyPaper Pumpkin kit that I received in September. I gave these to some stamping friends because I thought that they were the best people to appreciate them – stampers love getting stamped goodies. These kits are a fantastic way to get a little crafting time in without investing in lots of different supplies. The primary group that these are created for are people who love crafting, but don't have much spare time, don't have much space for storage, or don't have a lot of confidence yet to create on their own.


I don't really fit any of those demographics, but I do enjoy a quick crafting session where I can zip right along without getting out a bunch of supplies. I was able to get these assembled in about 1 hour one weekday evening. I could have completed them quicker if I didn't spend so much time deciding which tags to use or which of the black stickers to use on each one. I used up all of the bags and clothespins in the kit, but there are some more tags and lots of stickers. And of course, the stamps can be used endlessly. There are a few more stamps included that I didn't use for this project. I'm pretty sure that I'll be pulling these goodies out to make some Halloween cards or treats very soon.

I subscribed to My Paper Pumpkin shortly after it was announced about a year and a half ago. I have to say that I wasn't awfully impressed with my first few months and I put my subscription on hold. I was bummed because I didn't feel that the kits were showing the usual top-notch quality that we have come to expect of this great company. Fast forward to this summer where I read online from several different demonstrators that Stampin' Up! had really stepped up the materials and projects in the kits. The company showed two future kits (including this one) at the Convention in July and people went ga ga! I decided that I would start up my subscription again, and I have been very pleased. I just received my October kit, and again I think that it is going to be loads of fun. I won't divulge what it is since some people may not have their kit yet, but suffice it to say that it would be a very cute Thanksgiving table-top gift. There are a bunch of other ideas included in a sheet with the kit, too. I'm gonna have fun!

There are two different ways that you can purchase My Paper Pumpkin. The first one is a subscription model – you sign up and you will receive the kit of the month for each month. You can stop your subscription at any time, and if you want to re-start up again it is easy-peasy to do so. The second way is to buy a subscription for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. You can order the pre-paid subscription on-line and you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem it. Either option is fantastic – you can pick which way works best for you. A nice perk for current subscribers is the chance to purchase past kits (or kit refills) that are still available. Past kits are available while supplies last, and some kits may not ever have extras that are for sale. Purchasing a 1 month pre-paid subscription is a fantastic way to try it out to see if you want to continue. I am so happy that I can proudly recommend these kits again – keep it up Stampin' Up!