This is the second project that the South Burlington group made at the December meeting. I was a little tricky because the project was creating the tag that you see here, and then once they finished I gave them the bags that were filled with a small crafting gift from me. So, they got to “wrap” their own gift!

As always, the room became silent as people colored the pens for the tag. There were lots of colors to choose from, so people were able to keep plugging away. I’m constantly amazed at how soothing coloring can be, and when you’re doing it, you are 100% focused on only that. The gals were a little shocked when they learned that they had to fussy-cut the pens; they are used to having a die for everything so this was unexpected. I assured them that they are simple to cut out, and once they finished they agreed that it wasn’t so bad. It’s good to practice those old-timey skills once in a while!

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