Memories from Delphi Easy Peasy with MDS

As you may recall, last summer I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Greece with my son and my sister.  It truly was a trip of a lifetime!  I created a 2012 calendar with pictures from the various places we visited.  Previously in this post, I shared one of the pages that I created for the calendar.  And then I just had the brilliant idea – why don't I share the layout from each month as we get into the month?!?  Now that I have given them out as gifts, there isn't a risk of spoiling the surprise for anyone.  I love how super easy it is to create projects in MDS; and I love that it covers so much more than just scrapbook pages.  I love giving gifts of calendars that feature pictures from our family.  Did I happen to say that I love it? :P  And the print quality is absolutely amazing!

Now that we have a free 30 day trial of MDS available, you really have no excuse to not give it a try and see how fun and easy it is for yourself!

The Chronos stone